What Happens when Your Car is Scrapped in McKinney, TX? Vehicle Depollution, Remove Parts & More

It doesn’t matter how old and seemingly worthless you may think your car is, there is someone out there that wants it. What many people don’t realize is that even when they have an old junk car, it is still definitely worth something. Selling your junk car for scrap metal can be a great way to put cash in your pocket and get rid of a car that isn’t worth anything to you anymore. Junk Car Cash Buyers is here to talk about what happens when you sell your junk car for scrap metal.

What Happens to Your Car When Selling My Car for Scrap Metal

There is quite a process that is involved in dealing with cars that have been sold for scrap metal. Here is what happens when you sell a car for scrap.
– Depollution: As you may know, your vehicle has many hazardous chemicals that help it run. The first thing that needs to be done is remove those hazardous materials from the car. This includes getting rid of lubricants, oil, brake fluid, refrigerants, antifreeze, wash fluids and more. Another thing that must be removed from the car is Mercury. This can be found in switches, speedometers, heated windows, seatbelts and more.
– Tires: The next thing that’s done is removal of the tires. Burning tires can be bad for the environment so instead tires are shredded and then can be recycled as those shreds are used in playgrounds and even to make roads.
– Removing Parts: Even if your junk car can’t run, there are probably parts in it that can still be taken out and used. For instance, your vehicle may not have been able to run, but that was because one single part wouldn’t work. That doesn’t account for all the other parts of the vehicle that are still perfectly good. Those parts will be removed and probably sold to repair other, older vehicles.
– Removing Bulky Parts: There are several parts that are bulky and need to be removed from the vehicle before anything else can happen. Some of these parts may include bumpers, evaporators, heater core, wiring harness and more. Any glass on the vehicle is also removed. The glass on your scrap vehicle is also recycled by being crushed and used to make concrete, insulation, asphalt and many other applications.
– Crushing & Shredding: At this point, the car is crushed by a car compactor that will crush the metal into one skinny pancake. Once it is flattened, it can be easily transported and stacked with other cars. Sometimes, the car is crushed into a cube for easier storage and transportation.

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